Outdoor Recreation Risk Management, Insurance & Law

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Denver based James H. Moss, JD, an attorney who specializes in the legal issues of outdoor recreation and adventure travel companies, guides, outfitters, and manufacturers, has written a comprehensive legal guidebook titled, “Outdoor Recreation Insurance, Risk Management, and Law”. Sagamore Publishing, a well-known Illinois-based educational publisher, distributes the book. 

Mr. Moss, who applied his 30 years of experience with the legal, insurance, and risk management issues of the outdoor industry, wrote the book in order to fill a void.

“There was nothing out there that looked at case law and applied it to legal problems in outdoor recreation,” Moss explained. “The goal of this book is to provide sound advice based on past law and experience.”

While written as a college-level textbook, the guide also serves as a legal primer for executives, managers, and business owners in the field of outdoor recreation. It discusses how to tackle, prevent, and overcome legal issues in all areas of the industry.

The book is organized into 14 chapters that are easily accessed as standalone topics, or read through comprehensively. Specific topics include rental programs, statues that affect outdoor recreation, skiing and ski areas, and defenses to claims. Mr. Moss also incorporated listings of legal definitions, cases, and statutes, making the book easy for laypeople to understand.



Chapter 1 Outdoor Recreation Risk Management, Law, and Insurance: An Overview


Chapter 2 U.S. Legal System and Legal Research


Chapter 3 Risk 25


Chapter 4 Risk, Accidents, and Litigation: Why People Sue


Chapter 5 Law 57


Chapter 6 Statutes that Affect Outdoor Recreation


Chapter 7 PreInjury Contracts to Prevent Litigation: Releases


Chapter 8 Defenses to Claims


Chapter 9 Minors


Chapter 10 Skiing and Ski Areas


Chapter 11 Other Commercial Recreational Activities


Chapter 12 Water Sports, Paddlesports, and water-based activities


Chapter 13 Rental Programs


Chapter 14 Insurance        



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