Mountain Bike Rental or Demo Release

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This risk was created for Demoing or Renting Mountain bikes near the shop. The release comes ready to use online/electronically or you can print the release and have it filled out manually.

What this Release Covers

Risk Covered

Riding a Bike you may be unfamiliar with

Braking system

Make sure you understand the risks & the bike

Cyclists in Control of self & speed

Physical Effort Required

Riding Surface

Trail conditions

Ruts, stumps, water conditions

Potholes & grates

Other outdoor risks

Heat, Sun, Dehydration

Walking or hiking with or without bike

Injuries from Equipment

Equipment Breakage

Riding on Roads

Obeying State Laws

Loss of Personal Belongs


Health injuries due to paddlesports activities

Personal Responsibility

Major Injuries

Minor Injuries

Incidental Travel

Alcohol and Drug Use

Mental Anguish or Emotional Issues

Physical Ability to undertake the activity

Your right to deny a rental

Legal Issues

Legal Notice of a Release

People entities to be protected by the release

Validity of the Release

Negligence Clause

Company, Employee Negligence

Co-participant negligence

Assumption of the Risk

Of Activities & Risks Identified

Of all risks of the activity

Acknowledgment of understanding of risk

Acknowledgment of Acceptance of Risk

Superseding Clause


Venue Clause

Loss of Meaningful Day in Court

Release continues after trip ends

Public Policy Clause

Recreational Activity

Not a life necessity

Free to go else ware

Right to refuse guests

Indemnification clause

Subrogation clause

SAR Reimbursement Clause

Plain English Clause

Liquidated Damages Clause

Breach of Covenant Clause

Medical Treatment Clause

Medical Transportation Clause

Right to Disclose Medical Information

Free Will Clause

Colorado Notice of Minor’s Right to Sue


The information attached to the release will include:

How to fill in or complete the blanks in your Release.

What Each Section of your Release means.

Information on How to use Your Release

Formatting your Release

This Purchase will also include

  • Seven Part Program to Effectively Use your Release
  • Language necessary in some states for your release
  • Additional Information on Using your Release


Before using any release you should review the release with your risk manager, safety director, insurance company and legal counsel.

All legal advice by its very nature is subject to change. The laws of all fifty states are different concerning releases. All legal advice requires a review by your local attorney. You should have this document checked out by a lawyer licensed to practice in your State and familiar with the laws concerning your business.

This release should be used if you cannot find a release that fits your situation here. You can complete the risks of your activity in the space provided. Please list those things that occur regularly that are minor and any possible major risk or injury, including paralysis or death of possible.

You will also have to come with a word or phrase to use to describe your activity to be used to replace the word “ACTIVITY” in the release.


Please read the Terms of Use before purchasing.

For more information on how to use a release visit or speak to your local attorney.

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